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What is PsychScan?
PsychScan is a validated mental health test therapists can add to their websites. It assesses eleven DSM-5 disorders in less than 10 minutes. They are the disorders therapists see most often and need to know about up front.
Clients get a personalized Client Report that identifies problem areas and describes how therapy can help. Therapists get a comprehensive Clinician Report with valid diagnostic information.
How do my clients access PsychScan?
You can add a PsychScan button like the one below to your therapy website. Clients can then launch the test right from your website. You can also send new or established clients a PsychScan link by text or email. They just click the link to launch the test from their phone or computer. Clients get their Client Report as soon as they complete the test. The Clinician Report comes to your email inbox. It’s secure, confidential, and HIPAA compliant.
Can PsychScan help build my practice?
Yes. When you add PsychScan to your website, you engage with prospective clients from the first online contact. They get immediate feedback about their mental health concerns and stay on your website instead of browsing to the next. The personalized Client Report gives them valuable information they’ll want to keep and includes your practice name and contact information. It helps clients understand how therapy can help with their specific difficulties, and helps them overcome initial ambivalence about scheduling that all-important first appointment.
How does PsychScan help me provide better therapy?
The Clinician Report gives you a comprehensive picture of a prospective client’s symptoms and likely DSM-5 diagnoses to help you decide if they’re a good fit for your practice. When they are, you’ll have the relevant diagnostic information up front so you can focus on what’s important from the very first meeting.
Therapists juggle competing demands in the initial session. We need to connect with clients and develop an alliance. We also need to do an assessment, inquire about symptoms, and consider relevant diagnoses. With PsychScan, you never have to worry you’ve missed something important. Instead of spending time reviewing lists of symptoms and disorders, you can connect with your client and focus on providing care.
PsychScan gives you the freedom to work the way you want to work.
What does PsychScan assess?
• Major Depression
• Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia)
• Bipolar Disorder
• Generalized Anxiety Disorder
• Panic Disorder
• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
• Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
• Substance Use Disorder
• Binge-Eating Disorder
• Bulimia Nervosa
• Somatic Symptom Disorder
• Suicidal ideation and suicide risk (optional)
• Psychotic Disorder (optional)
How can PsychScan do all this in just 10 minutes?
PsychScan is intelligent. It uses advanced algorithms to select questions based on the client’s previous responses. The algorithms probe in-depth when disorders may be present and don’t ask irrelevant questions when they’re not. Take the test and see for yourself!
Are the results valid?
Yes. PsychScan has excellent reliability and validity. It was validated against the SCID structured clinical interview, considered the gold standard for mental health diagnosis. PsychScan is the newest edition of a mental health test that’s been in continuous use for more than 20 years, previously called the QPD Panel. Until now, it was licensed only to healthcare organizations. PsychScan brings this proven technology to your therapy practice.
Read more about the science below.
What information is in the Clinician Report?
The report provides scores that measure symptom severity in eight domains, lists relevant DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnoses, and lists the reported symptoms leading to each diagnosis. It optionally screens for emergent issues that may need immediate attention, including suicide risk, violence risk, and recent physical or sexual abuse. Check out a sample Clinician Report. Better yet, take the test and see it in action.
Can I use PsychScan for outcome assessment?
Yes. Re-administer PsychScan as often as you want to track client progress or assess treatment outcome.
Is PsychScan HIPAA compliant?
PsychScan is secure and fully HIPAA compliant. We do not sell or share information. We sign HIPAA Business Associates Agreements on request.
How much does it cost?
A monthly subscription is just $12.99 for an individual practitioner and includes up to six PsychScan assessments per month. You’ll get a PsychScan button to add to your website and a PsychScan link to send to new or established clients by text or email. You can buy more assessments if you need more than six in a month, but few practitioners require more. We offer other plans for group practices, clinics, and organizations. Please contact us for information.
This sounds too good. What’s the catch?
There’s no catch. The monthly subscription covers everything you need. There are no hidden fees and you can cancel any time. PsychScan was designed for therapists by therapists so it works the way you want.
How do I get started?
Visit our Sign Up page and get started today!

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